Uke Tsuki Waza

Uke Tsuki Waza translates as receiving technique with thrust. Uke Tsuki Waza is a continuum of the previous Kata with a simple reverse straight punch added; this also develops a little more coordination into the movement, adding more complexity into the form. The stance used in this kata is Gyakuzukidachi. This stance is used to perform reverse hand techniques such as Gyakuzuki, whilst preforming the four Uke of Soto outward Uchi inward Jodan upward and Gedan downward techniques. The reverse punch should be accelerated by the twisting and rotational forces developed by use of the stance against the body, utilizing the hips to power the technique. Execution of the technique should be performed with speed, power and focused finish known as kimae in karate terminology. The front knee is bent around 60 to 70% on the front leg with 40 to 30% on the rear leg which is slightly stretched. This is the basic way of weight –shifting to make the techniques more powerful and effective. The front foot is  pointing forward and the rear foot facing at a forty-five degree angle. The body posture should be relaxed and normal half facing with the head held erect, chin tucked in and eyes looking forward. The rear fist is pulled back and held at the side of the waist, with a feeling of stretching back ready to use.

The student will develop coordination at a much higher level because of the interaction between the front hand Uke techniques and the reverse punch in conjunction with the stepping forward in Gyakuzukidachi. The sequence of stepping is exactly the same as Uke Waza, which includes also the same turn this is why Uke Tsuki Waza is a perfect form to advancing a student to the next level.

Uke Tsuki Waza translates as receiving punch technique

“The Art is the Flow the Flow being the Art”