SpecialistĀ  Course Sunday 30th June for 2nd and 1st Kyu Brown Belts

Sunday 30th June 10am to 1.00pm

Istead Rise Community Centre Worcester Close Istead Rise Gravesend DA13 9LB

The training session is designed to thoroughly cover the aspects of the grading syllabus from 1st Kyu Brown Belt to black belt standard, with a particular focus on pairs work and Kata. Additionally, they are intended for Students who are aiming to achieve their black belts, offering discussions on strategies for preparing for the Dan grade and managing training and grading Effectively.

Kata: The level of training, focusing on precision, power, and fluidity of movement.

Pairs Work: The emphasis will be on demonstration of control, power and proper execution of techniques.

Discussion on Strategies for Dan Grade Preparation: This will include advice on mental preparation, physical conditioning, refining techniques, and understanding the  expectations of the grading panel.

Training and Grading Management: Covering setting realistic goals, creating a structured training schedule, managing time effectively and balancing with other commitments.

Three hour course Ā£15.00

Please see club instructor to book onto the course or alternately message me on 07999346050