Go Shin Jutsu

Go Shin Jutsu is commonly translated as “Self-Defence Technique” (or sometimes Self-Defence Art). Looking at the kanji which make up this term, the translation seems straightforward–“Go” (護) is usually translated as “defence” or “protect”, “Shin” (身) is translated as “body” or “one’s self”, and “Jutsu” (術) is usually “technique” or “art” (more details regarding jutsu[…]

30th June Gradings 2019

Gradings on the 30th june 2019, Simply one thing to say about the grading this morning at Tonbridge Leisure centre, Amazing. Every child gave their best performance in spite of the heat and kept the standard of the art at a very good level. These children never stop to amaze me as their determination to[…]

Weapons Course 2nd June

Please arrive before 10am and register your name and preferred weapon of choice with the instructors. We have a number of spare weapons available to use on the course or alternatively please use your own; you can also purchase weapons after the course if you wish to do so. Please note, Tai Chi sword for[…]

What is Tuite?

What is Tuite? Most of us equate karate with the hard blocks and strikes that have made the style famous (was it very fashionable to break boards and bricks before karate came along? I don’t know, but I doubt it). Unfortunately, this preoccupation with percussive power has left some of the lesser known but equally[…]