the origins of karate ranks

How the masters got their ranks: the origins of karate ranks How the master got their ranks: the origins of karate ranks. Throughout the course of our karatedo training, we take for granted the grading system that awards our belt ranking and titles. Sometimes this system is manifestly personal, with the headmaster–and only he–bestowing each[…]

Escrima and Knife

The Escrima system now is up and running which will include the knife section coupled with also the hand drills section. Shendo Martial Arts is looking for between ten and twenty students to start training in this system, many of the concepts and principles of this system cross reference to the Karate practices.  If you[…]

The New Data Protection Act

The New Data Protection Act In line with this act, please note the following 1. Shi Kon and Shizendo Martial Arts currently holds the information you entered on the Application Form when first applying for membership. This includes – name, address, date of birth, email address, telephone number and Martial Arts taught. 2. These details[…]

Weapons Course 3rd June

 ShiZenDo weapons  Kobudo Training Session Sunday 3rd June 2018   10 am – 1 pm The weapon session will cover Tonfa (side handled baton) and Escrima Stick plus introduction to the Sai . Students will be divided into two groups to focus on one weapon for the training session thus covering two weapons for this[…]

First Aid Course 29th April

Please see club instructor for the first aid course who holds the application forms and make payment. First Aid Course 29TH April 2018 Community Centre, Worcester Close, Istead Rise Gravesend Kent, DA13 9LB 9.30am to 5.00pm Cost £35.00    Cheques made payable to Kobudo Supplies Name…………………………………………………………………. Emergency First Aid Training Courses: Our Emergency First Aid at[…]

Self-Defence Course Sunday 22nd April

                          Self-Defence Course session will cover application and techniques related to Karate and Tai Chi Chuan training.  Practical , simple and effective techniques relating back to kata and why each art has its own system of self protection embedded into its training methods. Karate, Covering, entering, striking, vital points, take downs, sweeps and throws, body[…]

Shizendo weapons course

Shizendo weapons course starting at 10.00am to 1.00pm The Jian The Jian is a narrow-blade, double-edged sword, respected as the “King of Short Weapons” in China for millennia. In addition to the obvious self-defense uses, swords were commonly carried by scholars for their elegance and beauty. The study and practice of sword techniques, like any[…]

Dan Grading 4th March

Dan Grading. Congratulations to the adult Dan grades who graded today at Tonbridge Leisure Centre, two weeks of grading assessments and a final 1hour 20mins grading, three new 2nd Dan’s and two new 3rd Dan’s. the grading included, Kihon, Ippon Kumite, Kihon Kumite, Ohyo Kumite, Kata, Tegumi, Ji Yu Kumite, Sai, Tonfa both weapons forms[…]