Adults Karate

Adults Karate training differs from the children’s sessions as the structure of the training is geared more towards the traditional aspects of the art especially with regards to the fighting arts and self-defence. Adult application to kata and traditional pairs work the two person kata are further explored and developed into the original aspects of the art which is the Martial Arts. Every aspect of the art is trained and develops into striking with every part of the body, locks and throws are also employed as is the study of the concepts and principles. Also within the training sessions are the reason why it’s performed the way it is and the strategy behind its method, the adults not only learns the art but understands the art also.

 Takedown with Lock   

Safety always comes first as your training partner is the uppermost importance when practising the art, control is the art and the art is the control these two aspects are where we would judge your skill level. The adult student will learn how to take control of the partner’s space and neutralise his/hers attack by utilising angles in defence and attack.The adult student will develop explosive powerful strikes coupled with dynamic footwork, able to connect with touch reflect action kake uke, to stick and follow whilst using multiple combination of hand and foot techniques.

The grading syllabus will reflect your progress from white belt to black belt as each skill level is assessed on grading’s whilst monitoring and structuring your class lessons to fully intergrate each skill learnt. The grading syllabus is accumulative in nature as each section leads into the next, carefully adding  onto previous skills and thus raising the skill level through progression with each belt. Your grading syllabus is designed to develop your skill and is accumulative in nature, the standard is high but achievable through diligent training, to become good at the art you have to become a good student! its that smiple.


Adults karate pairs work    karate kanji way of the empty hand  Adults karate kneeling ready