Karate Kids Training Equipment

Spot-Leather-Focus-PadsTraining Equipment

Each student must carry with them a set of focus pads and mitts/gloves for pad work sessions, Children from Orange Belt onwards… During these training sessions the student will develop power timing and speed from focus pad training whilst the focus pad holder will also develop stance, timing and the ability to receiving the strikes. Combinations on focus pads require a high degree of skill from both students as each person brings out the skill of the other. The gloves serve several purposes, protection for the wearer and safety and the ability to be able to use power without hitting anyone. please see your Instructor for order form.

Larger pads are carried by the club Instructor for use with power kicks for the students to train with.

These are high quality leather products and can be purchased off your Instructor

Focus pads Ā£25 Focus Mitts/Gloves from Ā£5.50