Concept/Principle Session

Friday Evening 7.00pm to 8.00pm


The concept and principle based class runs on a Friday Night 7.00pm to 8.00pm which covers a wide range of training ideas, from explosive dynamics to sensitivity and hands on applications. This is a fast moving but In-depth look at methods which support techniques, distancing, timing, power, balance, control, flow, speed, sensitivity just to name a few. This is the training of cultivating intuitive motion, receiving and releasing energy through the concepts and principles of the martial arts, bound by the universal laws of human dynamics. Shi Zen Te, is free style application both in defences and attack. Any grade welcome to join the sessions, The class offers the students to expand upon the normal grading syllabus training furthering the development of their art.Ā  No belts, no karate suits just T shirt and Gi trousers, we are all considered the same grade on the Friday night session.


Tanto Waza/Knife


One of the main weapons used within the Friday session is the Tanto/knife. First the student will learn Tanto Waza; this is the form, trained on both sides to develop even skill with both hands developing within the Kata the attributes of knife usage.

The idea is not just defending against the knife, the real training is footwork and flow; this is where the knife develops a studentā€™s attributes a little higher. One has to move! To get out of the way of the knife, this in turns brings out intuitive distancing and use of angles from the student; one develops through natural movement. The body takes the correct response from the knife attack. Natural intuitive development through training with the knife means eventually to add locks and takedowns from your syllabus and mix them with multiple attack and defence, in other words you get a feel for it!


Ji Yu


This is the self-defence section of the art, not to be confused with sparring or Kumite even though the self-defence aspects are taken from the syllabus, its usage is very functional. This type of training develops the studentā€™s reflexes and responses both in mind and body within likely self-defence scenarios.

All Grades Welcome