Live Online Training

Karate live online training has resumed, all of our online training is live not pre-recorded and all sessions are personally taken by the Chief Instructor. Training sessions are structured as according to colour belt as all students are the same grade in each session leading to the best training experience possible.  We have a beginner’s[…]

Online training resumes again

Once again the country has been put into another lockdown with closers of all leisure centres gyms and venues, with theses measures in place we are unable to operate our group of clubs until restrictions are lifted and we get the go ahead to reopen. We therefore have resumed our online training until such times[…]

New Beginner’s Class

A new weekly beginner’s children class has been set up at Cygnet Leisure Centre on Thursday evening at 5pm. Already we have thirteen new students attending weekly, I’m partially pleased as the new intake is vitally important with new growth and  children been exposed to the benefits of karate  training.

Balintawak Course

Excellent three hour Balintawak B3 course on Sunday 30th August with Richard and Bill covering level one and associated training. Full control form and full power, knife also covered and the boxing footwork to match. Concepts and principles inherent in all martial arts study of body mechanics power lines and mind-set.   

Tai Sabaki

Tai sabaki (体さばき) is a term from Japanese martial arts and which relates to ‘whole body movement’, or repositioning. It can be translated as body-management. It is a term used widely in and very important in Kendo, Jujutsu, Aikido, Judo, Karate and Ninjutsu.  Tai sabaki is usually used to avoid an attack, such that the[…]