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Steve Martin


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Steve Martin holds 3rd Dan in Wado Ryu Karate under Shi Kon Karate as well as a 2nd Dan in Tai Ki Karate, he was also presented with a 5th Dan under the Classical Dimension System of Karate which was awarded to him by Willie Chong Lee Lim. Steve has been training in the Martial Arts for 32 years and studied under various Instructors such as Toru Takamizawa 6th Dan and Steve Rowe 7th Dan Karate, 7th Dan Tai Chi Karate and founder of the Shi Kon Budo Kai Association. Steve Martin went on to form Shi Zen Do Karate System and also developed the SAFE program which is Shizendo’s self defence system. Steve is a full time teacher and qualified NVQ coach, he also holds an NVQ skills assessor’s award in Karate competence. He has been teaching Martial Arts in Kent for many years, which also includes self-defence for school children. Steve also teaches Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan as taught to him by Malaysian Master John Ding of which Steve was a personal Student for 18 years during this period training on a one to one basis. Steve also studies regularly with international American Master Willie Chong Lee Lim to develop his Karate, Willie Lim holds a 7th Degree in RyuKyu Kempo Karate and 8th Degree in Taekwondo (US Representative for Tae Kwon Do International and US Representative for Sing Ong Tai Chi). Steve continuously seeks to advance his and the students level of martial arts through on going studies. Shi Zen Do system is a learning process through refining, continuously progressing, changing, developing and transforming ourselves through the study of martial arts.


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Shizendo Karate Academy has a very experienced and highly trained team of Instructors ranging from 1st to 3rd Dan who have been teaching Children and adults for many years. They have come through the Shizendo Karate system and fully understand how to apply and teach you to high a level enabling you to fully functionalise the art. The Instructors first passion is Karate, but the Instructors have other arts under their belt, Ju Jitsu, Tai Chi and various weapons systems all of which could be accessed by the students through courses which run throughout the year. Each training session will have a number of Instructors coaching and encouraging you to develop and grow. Many of the Instructors run sessions for local schools, local council, Adult Education and the NHS.


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