Sixteen principles of the Shizendo Martial arts

Centre Line

The centreline is the shortest straight line drawn from the centre of the exponent’s body to the centre of their opponent’s body. … Centreline theory allows the exponent to maximise their force by ensuring also through correct body mechanics that centre of mass is behind every attack and defence.

Sixteen principles of the Shizendo Martial arts

Radial positioning area

Centre and Central lines of defence and attack

 Seek the straight in the curve

Movement and stillness

Solidification and fluidity

Extension and contraction

Unification and division

Sixteen gates of defence and attack

Eight Gates of the human body

Harmonise energies

Axis and fulcrum points

Primary hands and corner hands supporting each other

Defence and attack are the same action

The upper and lower support each other as the right and left side of the body

Simplicity, directness, practicality, economy of movement

The body’s limitations is set by the mind

Shizendo Mon


Principles and concepts of these straight lines, angles and circles is the root and heart of the system