30th June Gradings 2019

Gradings on the 30th june 2019, Simply one thing to say about the grading this morning at Tonbridge Leisure centre, Amazing. Every child gave their best performance in spite of the heat and kept the standard of the art at a very good level. These children never stop to amaze me as their determination to achieve is inspiring, good students make good martial Arts. These children certainly are special, achievers who want to excel and prove to themselves that they can develop and be black belts some day. A special mention to Ben Knapp, Leo Shaw and Shamoon Rather who achieved black belt today and join us in the black belt students. on the 30th june 2019 these three students raised the number of black belts currently in shizendo martial Arts to 48. I would like to thank the instructors who teach on a weekly basis and the parents who support the club. But also the credit has to be acknowledged to the students themselves who turn up every week and work hard to progress develop and grow their martial Arts. The adult also demonstrated a very good standard with three students achieving 1st kyu, your black belt is within touching distance now. Thank you everyone for your support.

7th June grading 2019