Dan Grading 4th March

Dan Grading. Congratulations to the adult Dan grades who graded today at Tonbridge Leisure Centre, two weeks of grading assessments and a final 1hour 20mins grading, three new 2nd Dan’s and two new 3rd Dan’s. the grading included, Kihon, Ippon Kumite, Kihon Kumite, Ohyo Kumite, Kata, Tegumi, Ji Yu Kumite, Sai, Tonfa both weapons forms and portfolio on Sanshin kata. Well done!  The children’s grading saw witness to the earlier grades giving a good account of themselves with some excellent kata and combinations from the younger students. The adult grading was also very good, including both Ippon Kumite (pairs work) and kata, spirit, power and control demonstrated. The grading is very much a personal achievement and every student is graded as an individual, with individual needs, each conquering their own inner fears , confronting them and dealing with them, this is the true martial spirit within. This is expressed through our Karate system but could also apply to our Tai Chi Chuan training system too or any other martial art practised anywhere in the country, as the same battle is fought under a different name or badge, club, association every week.  Thank you, well done, an excellent grading.   Also we had four new Instructors assessed and qualified this week; well done to you guys, there are three more to be assessed next week, making seven new Instructors towards the end of March, excellent news!  I would like to thank the instructors and parents who support the children every week in their training making Shizendo a place where the student can achieve.

Dan Grading

Shizendo martial art also has three adult students ready very soon for Dan Grading, the requirement for the first Dan is the complete grading syllabus demonstrated to the required standard. The power, flow, and correct postures both in kata and pairs work. Finishing with Ji Yu Kumite, Bunkai Jitsu application to kata, this could be through the use of Tegumi or as a self-defence format