Weapons Course 21st May 2017

ShiZenDo Kobudo Training Session

        Sunday 21st May 2017

Community Centre, Worcester Close, Istead Rise Gravesend Kent, DA13 9LB

                   10 am 1 pm

This training session will consist of kobudo (weapons) training. The session will cover Tonfa (side handled baton) Knife and Stick plus introduction to the Sai . Also included on the course is the Tai Chi Sword  3 hours!

Students will be divided into two groups to focus on one weapon for the training session thus covering two weapons for this course plus the introduction to the Sai. Training will mainly consist of kata with a look to practical application within pairs work. Also how the use of the weapon

relates to the students current martial arts training thus cross referencing to other Kata. Weapons will be provided, but students can purchase on the day  or bring their own. For more details of this see your club instructors.

This is open to all adult grades and child grades from 4th Kyu and above.

Your current martial arts licence covers the training with weapons.

Please note: places are limited and will be given on a first come, first served basis. Only 30 students.

THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED AND HANDED IN TO YOUR CLUB INSTRUCTOR (with the appropriate payment of £15.00 per student) by Saturday 14th May 2017


Cheques made payable to Kobudo Supplies