Shizendo Norway

The weekend of the 11th to 13th was Shizendo Norway course attended by 60 students both adults and children. On Friday the temperature outside was -8 degrees and snow on the ground, inside the Dojo the students covered basicā€™s, Kata and pairs work with cross reference to application, as always I managed to overrun by 30 minutes as we continued to train forgetting time. The next day saw the arrival of the children and adults as we took to combinations, kata and pairs work, the children mainly worked kata and adults covered Kihon and Ippon. The last training session on the Saturday was Adult grading which was outstanding with green to blue particular strong. The following morning was again focused on Kata for adults with application to Empi and Tensho; children was combinations and Kata culminating with childrenā€™s grading on the last session, the children were amazing with some very strong students and so young too!.
The Shizendo Norway club is an outstanding club, not just the students that train in the Dojo but also the parents who support the club and assist where ever they can. The standard is very good and the thirst for knowledge is high on their agenda and seeing the club go from strength to strength is amazing to be a part of. Marianne, Daniel and Tove are excellent teachers and this reflects on the standard of their students and the skill level they have.