Ji Yu Kumite

Ji Yu Kumite is the free style application or function of the pre-set techniques contained in the grading syllabus. Within the Shi Zen Do Karate syllabus the student will be taught twelve sets of Ippon Kumite and ten sets of Khion Kumite, these are the pair’s work of the system. Each set contains not only the techniques of the pre-arranged pairs work but the correct angles, distance and body alignment coupled with the timing of the attack and defence. You could arguably say that Ji Yu is the some experience of the Karata’s training in a single moment, years of training into a few seconds to be able to successfully defend from any attack and from any position. Yi Yu employs not just the grading pair’s work; Kata is a major input too including Kensetsu (joint Locking) Kake (sticky Hands). Karate is a study of the art and the self, and through experimental training of Ji Yu the Karateka will fully understand the Karate system which utilises interdisciplinary concepts and principles from China, Okinawa and Japan to make this art a complete fighting art.
Ji Yu is the freedom from pre-set, the setting free of the mind and the body to just DO what it needs to Do without the need to think.
Bunkai to Kata is a pre-arranged study of Kata exploring as many aspects as possible gaining insight and knowledge of what could be used, Bunkai study is the strategies of employing what’s in the Kata sequence. i.e., a punching technique in kata has two moves, fist the arm goes out (the punch) then the arm returns back (fist on the hip) another interpretation could be a grab. If the Karateka thinks of the punching fist as crabbing the opponents arm first, then the retuning move to the hip would be the pulling technique of the opponents arm, thus securing and nullifying the opponents attack on that side. There are many applications to the same move, lock, throws, strikes, neutralisations and pressure points. Its knowledge which makes techniques work but it’s the creatively which brings out the art, Martial (knowledge of the art) Art (ability to create from knowledge)