In memory of Big Dave

In memory of Big Dave who passed away suddenly on Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Shizendo Martial arts mourns the loss of Big Dave, 2nd Dan Karate Instructor, who passed away suddenly on the 22nd June 2016. This is a massive loss to our organisation as Big Dave was a leading instructor both on Thursday and Friday evenings. His loss will be felt by every student as his teaching and instructing affected so many over so many years. He was a driving force in his own training forever improving his art and raising the level of many others who trained with him. Those who were fortunate to have trained with him and develop their own skills from his knowledge will miss him dearly.

The big man with the big smile was always there to help the students overcome difficulties in their training. Kind and considerate, a man of patience in the Dojo, with a strong belief in the Karate system to achieve. Big Dave got his name through the children he taught, the younger students used to say he was like a “big teddy bear” funnily enough that’s how I saw him too; the name stuck.

One can look at the negative side of losing such an instructor, but there is also the polar opposite, it was a privilege to have taught him and to have known him, for that I’m grateful. A memory I shall keep forever, was to see both Dave and the children beaming at each other with excitement just before the lesson starts, or him sitting amongst them instructing the basics. This is where Big Dave excelled, he had a natural way with all the students, especially the younger children, and they all wanted to be like him, strong, fluid, fast and skilful. But above all they were drawn to his personality, warm, caring and funny.

Big Dave also taught Tai Chi, opening up this art to the senior students helping them gain access to new skills by developing their attributes. He enjoyed teaching Tai Chi as he found these classes very rewarding, seeing the students’ progress every week, adding a little more information within each training session. Watching this big powerful man move so softly, with graceful fluid movement was awe inspiring to these students, they wanted to emulate him.

Big Dave has a lasting legacy, an exceptional ambassador to the martial arts, much loved by all, from the five-year-old little tiger students to the Tai Chi Nanny/Grandad Ninja’s, plus everyone in-between.

Yasuraka ni nemuru

Rest in Peace