Register as an Instructor

Instructor Application

First Step

First of all, achieving your Black belt 1st Dan does not make you an
automatic Instructor under the Shizendo System. You have to be invited
to be an Instructor. Instructors are Child/Adult. A child instructor helps
teach in a children’s training session whilst an Adult Instructor teaches both
in a Children and Adult training session under the guidance of a Senior

Criteria for Instructor status very much depends on the individual and
Characteristic values of a would be Coach. Full knowledge of the
Grading Syllabus is essential when applying for Instructor status.

The Shizendo Chief Instructor/Technical team will decide if or when to
process Instructor status to any applicant wishing to become a Shizendo

Once the application has been processed the registration criteria must
then be applied for before any teaching commences , full list of registration
requirements Can be found under Instructor registration.

Next Step

Once you have been accepted and registration processed the next stage is
Instructor training, teaching you how to teach. This will involve assigned
Senior Instructors to you enabling you to develop the art of instructing
Class sessions. You must be fully aware of the Code of Ethics and Child
Protection within this handbook.

Instructor Training

Shizendo Instructors must train at least twice a week to keep their
standards and the quality of their teaching to an high level for the
benefit of the students and Association/Club. This is a recommendation.

Knowing the art is different from teaching the art, Instructor training will
teach the candidate how to deliver the coaching session. Instructor training is
how to build the connection between the student and the Coach to develop
the required skill level.

Its about establishing relationships, coaching, training, teaching and Mentoring.

If you are concidering applying for Instructor status and need further information please speak to Steve Martin.