Shizendo Karate Gradings

Standards come first on Gradings. No child grades until they are ready. This is very important for your childā€™s progress as each level attained is building into the next; Martial Arts skills are accumulative are are monitored on the gradings held on a Sunday morning.

To be eligible to attempt the grading test, the child needs to be able to demonstrate technical competence with the spirit of Karate. There are times when friends or siblings start training together and take the first grade, all move up to the next level together. However, other times only one may be considered eligible to grade depending on the level of progress. If a child grades too soon, the next level could be very difficult for them; this could result in progress being hampered or the child finding the next level too dispiriting and giving up altogether. Grading is subject to progression and class behaviour only.

Please remember – standards come first; this is by far the best way forwards.

When your child is eligible to grade, a grading form will be given to them (date and time are indicated on the form). The childrenā€™s grading test is held at the Angel Centre, Angel Lane, Tonbridge Kent TN9 1SFe.[map]
Children’s grading tests are formatted just like class training to enable them to show their Martial Arts skills off to the best of their ability. We feel the grading system, progressing through the different levels of belt, is important in indicating the improvements made. It gives the children a real sense of accomplishment, which builds confidence and inspires them to strive for their next belt. During the grading the children perform their techniques in block belt colours i.e., all the white belts together, then the reds, followed by yellows etc. The grading test is child friendly and usually includes demonstrations from other grades and instructors; this makes for a fun afternoon as well.

The philosophy of the Martial Arts is that each and every
individual should be allowed to achieve the level at which
they are capable of, both in terms of technical and
personal development.

Standards come first

Gradings at Tonbridge children