Our Goals

Our goals for your child?

What are our goals for your child?

Our goals at Shizendo are to develop your child both mentally and physically and to give them the best, most enjoyable training experience, whilst teaching a good standard of karate.

Children learn best when they are having fun and feel comfortable during class training sessions, with discipline and correct mindset a child will develop the required skill in karate to progress through the grades and finally to black belt.

Kata (Pre-arranged forms) is a great way to develop your childā€™s core strength, balance and coordination, coupled with postural alignment the bodyā€™s natural power lines.  The pairs work section enables the children to interact with other each other, and be able to train together in a safe enjoyable manner.

Equipment training such as pads and strike shields are also used in class training sessions to develop power in a safe way; the children can build their confidence on the pads and shields and these offer a fun training experience!

There is too much violence in the world
today we dont need to add to it.
What are our goals
Karate is NOT about violence, it is NOT about fighting, it is NOT about aggression, it is NOT about egos, it is NOT about who is the best. Karate IS about your children’s development through the Martial Art way. This is about personal growth through the experience and understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each child as they progress from the early years to adulthood. We teach, through the Martial Arts code, good manners, respect and the value of right and wrong.
We teach your children how to coordinate their bodies and develop their body control skills, which in turn builds confidence. Through interaction skills with other children and teamwork your children will learn how to develop their character, spirit, internal power and the required etiquette for the Martial Arts.
We teach self-defence to children.