Joining Karate Classes

Thinking of joining our club

Shizendo Martial Arts has Karate classes throughout Kent for both Kids and Adults.

1. What to do next? Find your nearest karate class and come along for your first free taster session.

2. What do I wear? The best clothing is a T shirt and track suit bottoms (shorts if you prefer)

3. How long is the session? Children’s training sessions last 45 minutes. Adult training sessions are for an hour or more.

4. What to expect?

  • Children – Your first training session will be a basic overview of the first section of the syllabus. The children will be taught how to bow in the dojo (Training Hall) and will be taught Dojo etiquette followed by a warm up and basics. The child will be taught the four basic blocks. Two blocks to the mid line, one upper and one lower. Two basic kicks, front kick and back kick.
  • Adults –  The seven strike techniques are taught first. These are the basic punches; the front jab, rear jab, cross punch, hook, upper cut, overhead and back fist. Two kicks are also taught, the front kick and angle kick.  A foot work drill is also covered, developing the eight directions in a forward stance.

5. Do I need to be fit? No, the first lesson will be tailored to your needs. The training is conducive to learning and getting you fitter, slowly developing your martial art skills.

6. Do I need to sign up straight away? No, you train for a number of weeks before you join our group.

7. What do I need once I join? A licence is a requirement for all martial arts Shizendo Karate starters pack. The starters pack contains Karate suit, belt, two badges, grading syllabus and club information.

Gradings are held on a regular basis at Tonbridge Leisure Centre on a Sunday morning. You only grade when the standard is reached, your instructor will advise when you are eligible to grade.

For further information please contact Steve Martin 01634720098 or 07999346050.
Alternatively contact us by email or via our online form.