Larkfield Leisure Centre Karate Club

Larkfield Leisure Centre Karate club meets every Saturday with separate classes for Children and adults.

Children’s Training Session

The children‚Äôs training session is divided into two sessions, first is for beginners, intermediate and second training session is for the advance students.  The beginner‚Äôs class is for new students to enrol and for the lower and middle grade student also. The second session is for brown belt to black belt, advance kata and pairs work application is also trained in this session.

How to enrol into class

Simply come along for a free taster session Saturday 3.00pm to see how you get on and to give feedback after the training session. Each training session is structured as a pay and train basis, no monthly fees, just turn up pay £6 and train, miss a week no payment, children train for 45 minutes. We take children from the age of five years, make sure they know their left and right then the rest is instructor student tuion and learning the art of karate.                    

Adult Karate Training Session

Adults meet at 4.30pm and is structured exactly the same as the children, pay as you train, fee £8, adults train for one and half hours. Beginners are integrated into class training as we have a number of instructors to be able to take you through your training session.

Training Times

 Children 3.00pm

Adults     4.30pm

If you have any question please call me on 07999346050               I look forward to meeting you