Childrens Grading Syllabus

Childrens Grading Syllabus

Shizendo karate grading syllabus: kata, pairs work and combinations, white belt to black belt.

10th Kyu White/Red Belt

Basic punch, Outward, inward, upward and down receiving techniques, front and rear kick. All of these techniques are performed on the spot. Break falls are four directional, forward, back, left and right. Students need to know Dojo etiquette and be able to demonstrate this in class, they will also need to know the training rules, how to bow into class with seiza and be able to name each of the techniques performed. 

Basic                  Sonabazuki РSoto Uke РUchi Uke РJodan Uke РGedan Barai РMageri РUshirogeri РUkemi

9th Kyu Red Belt

Punching and kicking basics, perform signally from a fighting guard. Using the four Uke’s whilst in motion in a forward stance with turn, developing the posture, coordination, control and power. This is the basic foundation form

Basic ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Tobikomizuki –¬† Gyakuzuki – Maegeri

Kata                      Uke Waza

8th Kyu Yellow Belt

Punching and kicking combination, further developing the coordination and control using linked techniques. Use of the first form Uke Waza with added punch performed from a forward stance, developing the jun and Gyak. 

Combination   1st Tobikomizuki Gyakuzuki Mawashigeri

                              2nd  Suirkomi Maegeri Tobikomizuki Gyakuzuki

Kata                     Uke Tsuki Waza

7th Kyu Orange Belt 

Punch kick combination with added back fist. Tsuki Gerii Waza form, front and rear jab, hook and cross, front kicks and angle kicks with turn and repeat on right.

Combination    3rd  Gyakuzuki Uraken

                                  4th  Suirkomi Mawashigeri Gyakuzuki Uraken

Kata                      Tsuki Geri Waza

6th Kyu Green Belt

Empi Waza, this form trains the use of five directional elbows and two directional knee strikes, centre line, performed in two stances. Tegummi, two person training drill

Combination     5th  Gyakuzuki Kagiszuki Gyakuzuki

                                   6th Tobikomizuki Kagiszuki Hizageri

Kata                        Empi

Kumite                  Tegumi

5th Kyu Blue Belt

Punch kick combination with added footwork developing correct distancing. Sanshin (three battles) Tradinatal Kata developing strong body alignment. Punch kick combination developing distancing. Ippon Kumite, two sets of pairs work studied.   

Combination       7th  Gyakuzuki Tobikomizuki Gyakuzuki

                                     8th  Suirkomi Maegeri Mawashigeri Tobikomizuki Gyakuzuki

Kumite                   Ippon 1-2

Kata                          Sanshin

4th Kyu Purple Belt

Five animal form from white Crane, sometimes referred to rotating hands. Developing smooth flowing yet strong postures in Sanshin stance. Two sets of pairs work are studied. 

Kumite                   Ippon 3-4

Kata                         Tensho

3rd Kyu Brown Belt

Naihanchi form, fixed stance with upper body rotation developing fast explosive techniques performed in Naihanchi stances. Two sets of pairs work are studied. 

Kumite                    Ippon 5-6

Kata                          Naihanchi

2nd Kyu Brown Belt 

Kushanku form, dynamic multi form with changing stances and postures, the longest kata in the system. Structured pairs work incorporating many of the postures of kata. Two sets of pairs work studied. 

Kumite                   Ippon 7-8

Kata                          Kushanku

1st Kyu Brown Belt

Traditional Kata, contrasting with slow powerful moves and fast explosive releasing techniques. Use wide and narrow weight shifting stance, hence the name of the stance as Yoko and Tate Seishan.

Kumite                    Ippon 9-10    

Kata                          Seishan

1st Dan Black Belt

Chinto Kata, ‚ÄúCrane on the Rock‚ÄĚ a light moving Kata with fast explosive movements performed with narrow stances at times on Sagiashi (heron stance) with turns. Amalgamation of everything thus so far learnt into one form. Two sets of pairs work are studied.¬†

Kumite                    Ippon 11-12

Kata                          Chinto

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